Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova

So, I actually somewhat enjoyed this anime, surprisingly. I thought it was a bit slow at first, but it held its own. I didn’t look into the history of it or anything, but I did suspect it’s release was related to the popularity of Kantai Collection, and thus it was going to be rushed. It didn’t feel like that… mostly.

It was a bit soppy maybe, everyone made friends after 401 blew them out of the water, but in various forms, that’s not unusual for anime.

However, the ending completely spoiled it for me. I expected a bad ending, it was too obvious that Kongou would become all pally-pally. But I was expecting something a little more epic in getting there. Instead, she creates that massive super-gravity cannon and destroys all the American fog because she wants to defeat 401. Problem one right here, why didn’t she just destroy 401?


Next up, we get onto battling her. Okay, here’s not so bad. It looks like it’ll be a fun battle, overcome the odds, defeat the overpowered boss with your dinky little ship… oh wait, no, we’re going to fire your mental model up and have a melee battle. Right, so off she goes and then touches her; suddenly she can now attempt to breakdown barriers in the comms system. Fine, apart from now she can do it without contact… why?


And then boom, friendship explosion. The fight wasn’t actually too bad, though I had hoped for a little more boat-action, but there was no real breakdown of Kongou, no feelings of remorse, admission that all she ever wanted was a friend. Nothing. Not even mention of Maya, though at least we did get some hints at that. She just defeats her and suddenly they’re friends. Okay, they didn’t go as far as suddenly being BFFs but she quelled all her anger, rage and hate with what, exactly?


Maybe I was being a little too naive, but I expected an epic ship battle, but in a show about naval warfare, I guess I shouldn’t expect a finalĂ© with any said warfare.

The end of an anime is often unfulfilling, but this one I found to be more aggravating than most. It’s not at the same level of Soul Eater of course, that was just bullshit, but annoying none the less.

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