The Inception


Ahoy there. Welcome to Animegoon.

Most won’t know me, but I dabble in fansubbing and like to game and play anime. On a somewhat irregular basis I will rant about this, that or t’other. Until the creation of Animegoon I didn’t really have any single place to vent, or let out my feelings on a specific subject. But now I do.

Don’t expect any major philosophical debates, or life-changing posts. Don’t even expect updates overly often. I’ll merely post something here that interests me. Perhaps a game review, or a rant about certain styles in fansubbing. This is a release for me, getting it down in words, especially when others can view and comment, is helpful and encourages sound arguments in my rants.

There may be a few more posts in the first days then there would be otherwise. This is still shiny and new, and I’ve got some ranting to catch up on!

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